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Purifying French Green Clay Mask

Balance oil production and control breakouts.

  • The detoxifying clay formulation draws out impurities from the pores and increases circulation for radiant and glowing skin.

    The lavender essential oil provides calming properties and a refreshing feel.

    * Soothes acne and blemishes
    * Softens dry skin
    * Refreshing
    * Powerful cleanse
    * Combined with lavender essential oil to provide calming properties

    Australian Made

  •  * Mix into a paste with a few drops of water slowly.

    * Lightly apply to clean skin.
    * Let dry for 5 mins or until dry.
    * Remove with warm water to reveal a radiant, clean, and glowing appearance.

  • French Green Clay, Kaolin Clay, Lavender Oil

    French Clay has been preferred over Australian Clay for its purity and efficacy.